Reminiscences on Father’s Day

Hugs,flowers,greeting cards,gifts,some good food and once again Father’s day is over. My thoughts about father’s day go much beyond these social gestures.

When I think of Father’s day,the very first thought that rushes to my mind is about my Heavenly Father Yahweh,my Almighty God. It […]

The Happiest Onam of my life

After several years,Raaji and I were in Kerala during the Onam season. Memories of Onam celebrations about 50 years ago at Mannar (my father’s ancient family home) are still afresh in my memory. The “Kaduva Kali” (Tiger dance) of those years are too good to be forgotten. In this form of village […]

More than Words…

Ever since I heard the call of the Almighty God and started the Inter Denominational Christian Fellowship Foreign units (now the Inter denominational Christian Fellowship International),the Lord burdened me with promoting and propagating His Word beyond the borders of nations and languages. It seemed a mighty unattainable task,for someone who had not […]

A new vision for the Global Harvest

When I planned our trip to attend a seminar in Indonesia,little did I expect that the Lord was going to give me a new vision about the building of His Kingdom. Very little is known in the outside world about Indonesia or about the Christian Churches in Indonesia. It was a […]