Decades ago the government of Kerala coined a phrase to promote tourism in Kerala. The think tanks of the time wanted people across the world to flow into Kerala. Realising that only around 13% on earth are atheists or non-believers in God according to demographics,they decided to include the word “GOD” into […]

The Divine Vision from a dampening experience

The vision and mission of the founder of Wycliffe Bible Translators,Mr. William Cameron Townsend,has always been an inspiration to me. So on this World Bible Translation Day 2016,Raaji and I decided to visit their headquarters in Orlando,Florida. At the front desk,I introduced myself as a Bible translator […]

Reminiscences on Father’s Day

Hugs,flowers,greeting cards,gifts,some good food and once again Father’s day is over. My thoughts about father’s day go much beyond these social gestures.

When I think of Father’s day,the very first thought that rushes to my mind is about my Heavenly Father Yahweh,my Almighty God. It […]

Medias that makes a man God

The media in their unending race to capture the attention of the human mind very often use superlative words,adjectives and descriptions without weighing the implications and influences that are brought about by such usages. Recently a legend in the field of sport,visited India and the newspapers were vying each other to […]

The Happiest Onam of my life

After several years,Raaji and I were in Kerala during the Onam season. Memories of Onam celebrations about 50 years ago at Mannar (my father’s ancient family home) are still afresh in my memory. The “Kaduva Kali” (Tiger dance) of those years are too good to be forgotten. In this form of village […]


“You gave me something to eat”

It happened on October 31,2014 at the Delhi Darbar restaurant at Connaught Place,Delhi. I had ordered lunch and was waiting for its arrival. I was surprised when the waiter brought the food as the portion of the food was large. In fact,the portion of […]

More than Words…

Ever since I heard the call of the Almighty God and started the Inter Denominational Christian Fellowship Foreign units (now the Inter denominational Christian Fellowship International),the Lord burdened me with promoting and propagating His Word beyond the borders of nations and languages. It seemed a mighty unattainable task,for someone who had not […]

The Heavenly Weapon against Satan

Today many modern Christian groups question the necessity of fasting prayers in their spiritual walk. For many such,their anointing of the Holy Spirit is only the ecstasy experienced in their praise and worship sessions,lasting a couple of hours or more. Many are not concerned about their time before and after […]


We have stepped into the dawn of the New Year with new dreams,renewed hope and aspirations of prosperity. However,many of us fail to think on how to fulfil these in the days ahead. They would have reached this New Year without achieving or attaining any previous dreams though they had the very […]

The hand of Lord my God was upon me!

It was at the Annual three day fasting prayer in New York,at the end of December 2012,that the Lord commanded me to build a church in the Ecumenical Convention Centre at Bangalore. This seemed a difficult task as this had to be built in an existing structure full of beams and huge pillars. […]