About Brother

Bro. Dr. Mathews Vergis leads fasting prayers of different durations in different parts of the world, enabling thousands to experience the power and presence of Jesus Christ with miracles, healings, deliverance, and anointing of the Holy Spirit.

He has translated the Holy Bible into the South Indian language of Malayalam, spoken by around 31 million people, making it the seventh largest language group in India.

His passion for giving Bibles to those without them led him to translate the New Testament into the Paniya language, which is spoken by the down-trodden Paniya ethnic group comprising a population of over 90,000.

He has translated the Gospel of Mark to the Jenu Kurumba language, spoken by the Jenu Kurumba tribe comprising about 65,000 people. Translation of the rest of the books of the New Testament into this language is currently in progress.

He has written the lyrics and composed music for about 180 Christian hymns, and has authored several books on fasting prayer and Christian living.

Bro. Dr. Mathews Vergis is the President Designate of the Fasting Prayer Ministry Inter Denominational Christian Fellowship and is the founder, pastor, and president of the Inter Denominational Christ Church in Tappan, New York, USA.

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