More than Words…

Ever since I heard the call of the Almighty God and started the Inter Denominational Christian Fellowship Foreign units (now the Inter denominational Christian Fellowship International),the Lord burdened me with promoting and propagating His Word beyond the borders of nations and languages. It seemed a mighty unattainable task,for someone who had not […]


We have stepped into the dawn of the New Year with new dreams,renewed hope and aspirations of prosperity. However,many of us fail to think on how to fulfil these in the days ahead. They would have reached this New Year without achieving or attaining any previous dreams though they had the very […]

Celebrating The Word

The Christian Walk Bible was dedicated to the international community on 12th July,2009 at the ICRS,Denver amidst a gathering of luminaries involved or associated with the spread of the Word in different parts of the world. Mr. Sylvester Ebey released the Christian Walk Bible after a spirit-filled prayer beseeching God to use it […]

Reaching God…

Reaching God is a desire treasured and a dream nourished by many. Young men join seminaries and women monasteries even from their teens with the ardent desire to reach God. Some wander away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to forests and deserts embracing solitude and spend the rest of their lives in […]