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Bible Translations

Ever since I heard the call of the Almighty God and started the Inter Denominational Christian Fellowship Foreign units (now the Inter denominational Christian Fellowship International), the Lord burdened me with promoting and propagating His Word beyond the borders of nations and languages. It seemed a mighty unattainable task, for someone who had not even a Sunday school education. I did not know where or how to begin. I knew that if I took the first step in obeying His command, He would hold my Hands and lead me on. The first thing I realized, was that many who claimed to be led by the Spirit of God had no real intimate or intrinsic relationship with the Word of God. For many Bible reading had reduced to simply a “Sermon Reading” experience (reading only for references while hearing sermons).

Thus I started the “Brother’s Bible Lovers League” to encourage our members to read the Bible daily. Monthly Bible reading programs were initiated along with Quizzes, and other Biblical competitions to enhance Bible study. Bible Exhibitions named “Biblex” were held annually for promotion of the Word of God beyond the parameters of our Fellowship. I remember Rev. Dennis Gurney (now Sir Dennis Gurney) whose guidance, help and prayers brought thousands to the “Biblex” – the first such event of its kind in the Middle East.

Over the course of my ministry after nearly 14 years of study, I could no longer turn a blind eye to the outdated 100 year old Malayalam Bible translation which was in dire need of correction. After the Bible Society authorities turned me away, refusing even to look at the corrections I had noted through years of study, I  was forced to take up the task myself. I am always thankful to such authorities because ultimately it was their insult and inaction that paved the way for me to get the most blessed command from the Almighty God to translate and publish His Word. He bestowed upon me numerous Gifts and Graces for translating His Word into different languages, but additionally warned that I will have to face storms, tempests and fiery trials to be victorious. But He also promised “I will be with you and never let you down.”  The “Vishudha Satyavedapusthakam”, the translation of the Bible in the modern Malayalam language was published on 22nd December, 2000.

I had taken  three 40 day fasts to overcome the  obstacles Satan had created – including adverse health conditions that even baffled doctors. But the worst was yet to come. Soon after the release of the Vishudha Sathyavedapusthakam,  I was forced to leave the country of my residence for nearly 25 years. My erstwhile spiritual brethren were behind it. My Bible translation research work of two decades were destroyed by their actions. My wife and I both lost our jobs. Our children’s education was disrupted. Not a word of consolation, comfort or encouragement came from any quarter – people led by Holy Spirit or otherwise. Tabloids filled with lies from the enemy were read and quoted even in Churches. They were rejoicing that the new Bible was destroyed.

No! Never! My God never let me down! The Vishudha Satyavedapustakam was revised and reprinted with an additional feature – Subtitle Index, which no other translation of the Bible in Indian languages had. There was no looking back!. Today hundreds of thousands across the globe have made Vishudha Satyavedapustakam a part of their spiritual lives. From there, the Lord blessed me with one Bible translation after the other, enabling me to scale new peaks that were beyond my imagination!!

Over the past one and half decades the Lord helped me to present the New Testament to the Paniya Tribe which has population of only about a hundred and fifteen thousand in the Paniya language and the Gospel of Mark to the Jennu Kurumba tribe which has a population of around sixty thousand in the Jennu Kurumba language. These Bibles were  given free to these ethnic tribes. Above all, the Lord enabled me to present the “Christian Walk Bible”, the first ever study Bible on Fasting Prayer in English to all the English speaking people on earth. Besides “Bibles for Bibleless” and “Scripture Sharing Students” ministries were started to give Bibles free for those who could not afford to have a Bible of their own.

The Lord who called me, continues to lead me on. All this was made possible by the Almighty God because I never gave up my pursuit in spite of the fiery trials and tribulations created by Satan at every phase of the Bible translations. My actions for the Almighty God were not limited to mere words bound by inactivity . Satan cannot be silent as Word of God will destroy him because “the Word of God is like a fire and like a hammer that breaketh the rock in pieces”(Jeremiah 23: 29). So he will be constantly using all possible means to create dissensions and divisions, envy and enmity to isolate us and deter us from our goals for the promotion and propagation of the Word of God.

Sometimes he will use Christians themselves for his purpose. William Tyndale and Mathew Rogers were burnt at stake by the forceful instigation of the then powerful Christian Church because these poor men had no endorsement of that church. People were banned from reading the new translation by Tyndale. Thousands of Bibles were burnt publicly and tens of thousands of people were tortured and put in jails for reading and distributing the Bible. But no king or church could destroy the Word of God translated by these martyrs. God used it to pass on through generations and millions and millions read it even today.

It is my prayer these words would inspire to go forward. God will lead your battle and guide you to victory.

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