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The Christian Walk Bible was dedicated to the international community on 12th July, 2009 at the ICRS, Denver amidst a gathering of luminaries involved or associated with the spread of the Word in different parts of the world. Mr. Sylvester Ebey released the Christian Walk Bible after a spirit-filled prayer beseeching God to use it to lead people unto holiness and prepare them for the second coming of Jesus Christ. However, my heart yearned to dedicate the Christian Walk Bible in His Holy presence with the grandeur and magnificence, reminiscing and representing our 2000-year old Christian tradition and culture as well, one that would be remembered for a whole lifetime. I was praying that the Almighty God send His chosen servant for this great event.

And miraculously God sent Senior Bishop H.G. Joseph Koorilos, the head of the Independent Syrian Church for the occasion. His Grace ceremoniously dedicated ‘The Christian Walk Bible’ before His holy presence amidst the Holy Mass on the dawn of August 1st, 2009. Celebrating and holding the Christian Walk Bible high, His Grace ceremoniously led a procession of acolytes, who along with the congregation were singing praises and prayers to the Almighty God who made this Bible possible. Special prayers were made by His Grace raising ‘The Christian Walk Bible’ high in the air, making the sign of the cross. Later His Grace described this ceremony as one of the most auspicious and sacred privileges God had granted him, as such occasions were almost nil or very rare in the history of many ancient churches.

Thus the Almighty God in His mercy granted us – maybe once-a-lifetime privilege to celebrate the dedication of His Word in His glorious presence.

“In God will I praise his Word: in the Lord will I praise his Word (Ps 56:10)  Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord. Praise ye the Lord!(Ps 150:6)

13 thoughts on “Celebrating The Word

  1. Ellen Kulangara

    Praise God for blessing us with this amazing Bible. Congrats to Brother Uncle and praise God for the spectacular release that was only made possible by our loving God.

  2. Nevin Kulangara

    Praise God for the grand release of this awesome Bible!It was only by His grace that any of this was possible.

  3. Agin

    Dear Brother uncle,
    I congratulate you for the release of the Christian Walk Bible. I also prise and thank God for the successfull dedication of the bible. I pray that the Lord may use you more for his works.

  4. Sudeep Koshy

    Great is the Lord!!!
    I thank the Almighty Lord for the amazing and blessed dedication of His Word in His Holy Temple and for allowing me to witness this great occasion. May the Lord use me to direct others to His Word and declare His Great Love to those around us. Praise the Lord!!!

  5. Sajini Cherian

    Dearest Vijayan Uncle,

    Although my naked eyes missed the event, I’m glad to see the timely updates, that indeed royally was His word brought out, and like all believers, I too join to pray that indeed the Christian Walk Bible, paves way for the old & young alike, to a fruitful Christian walk with God.

    Thanks for your great attempts for God, that HE MAKES EVERYTHING POSSIBLE!!!

    I was able to watch the Kairali TV show that telecasted about this great event in Christ Church, and I feel blessed to have witnessed God’s glory in all its forms…through His prophets… indeed a lifetime honor!!!


  6. Faby John, Kuwait

    It was truly a once in a life time opportunity for those who attended the dedication service and release of “The Christian Walk Bible”. I don’t think such a dedication of Bible will happen in any of the churches in near future or in our lifetime. It may seem a bit sarcastic but I feel this is the reality as people have started using church for display of power rather than spread of the Word of God. No one has found time to spread the love, which Jesus Himself showed, but are busy inculcating hatred towards our own borthers.

    I hope and pray that “The Christian Walk Bible” would help and teach at least the new and upcoming generation about the greatness of sacrifical love towards each other and facilitate second coming of Jesus Christ to establish His Kingdom of Love.

  7. sheeba zacharia

    Praise the Lord! These were truly auspicious and sacred moments when the Christian Walk Bible was released at the IDCF Christ Church in New York. A dedication of the Bible as this one was truly rare opportunity and I praise the Lord that we had the privilege to witness the ceremony and be a part of the great blessing. The glory of the Lord descended on the Christ Church that day and was recorded in the cameras of many. The Christian Walk Bible will truly wake up our fellow brethren both Christians and non Christians. Praying that we will be anointed to spread the Word to all whom we know and that God uses us in the promotion of His Word.
    Is this the first time event in the IDCF History as a Bible Dedication or was the Vishuddha Sathya Veda pusthakam also dedicated in this manner ?

  8. Reena Saji

    Dear Brother,

    I take this moment to thank and praise the Lord for using you in such a mighty way. I pray that the Almighty will also grant us a once-a-lifetime opportunity to witness the release of The Christian Walk Bible here in Dubai in your presence.

    Praise the Lord.


  9. Peter Mathew (Ribu) - Kuwait

    Praise God for all the wonderful things He’s doin through our dear Brother &thank the Lord for the Christian Walk Bible. I look back and see how fortunate I am to be part of this great ministry.My heart is filled with praise & thanks for the Almighty Lord. I pray that this Bible will help many more people old and young to walk the Christian way. PRAISE THE LORD.

  10. Tessy Punnose

    Praise God for the Christian Walk Bible! I praise God for letting me be part of the miraculous release in New York. Congratulations Brother Uncle for this Wonderful Bible! I pray the Lord strengthens and uses you more for his glory.

  11. Ancy Andrews

    Praise God!
    The whole day was such an amazing and blessed experience. The dedication service was extremely beautiful and gave the Word the full honor that it deserves. Praise God!
    I praise him for enabling me to be able to stand witness to such an event. Praise the Lord!

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