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I reached NY a couple of weeks back to attend the Baptism ceremony of my first grandson, Nathan. It was one of the most important events in my walk with God.

Nathan had developed Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH) at the 18th week of pregnancy, and the specialist doctor had regretfully advised an abortion. My wife, Raaji, and I were heartbroken as we sat in the presence of God. Saddened, I told God that the Adversary would use this opportunity to accuse and ridicule us further. The Lord spoke to me, saying “I have already revived him. He would have been dead because his intestines had moved up, pushing and squeezing his heart and lungs. He is my child. Do no harm to him, and I will take care of him.” I conveyed the Lord’s message to my son-in-law, Jebu, and daughter, Reji, as they were the ones to make the final decision. Trusting in the Lord, they chose to continue with the pregnancy and informed the specialist team of their decision. The doctors were not at all happy. They warned of the 60% mortality rate and of the huge medical bills involved. However, they were surprised and taken aback during Reji’s next check-up. Nathan’s heart was working perfectly in spite of the pressure it was under. This was the first in a series of God’s miracles in Nathan’s life.

As the pregnancy progressed, Reji was diagnosed with Vasa Previa, which is found 1 in 2500 women with a mortality rate of 50-90%. The umbilical cord got shortened, putting both mother and child in grave danger. God miraculously healed them of this condition. Unexpectedly, Reji’s water broke in the 31st week, and immediately a C-section was done. By God’s grace, Nathan was born on February 27, 2012. It was indeed a miracle that Reji had already been admitted to Stanley Morgan Children’s Hospital, in New York earlier in the week. If this had happened at home or in any other hospital closer to our home, Nathan would have been in grave danger because none of the hospitals around have the sophisticated and advanced facilities of Stanley Morgan Children’s Hospital.

Nathan was moved to a ventilator right away. An emergency surgery was required immediately, but the heart lung machine could not be used, as Nathan was too small and fragile. The medical team could not wait any longer, since each passing moment could prove more fatal for Nathan. A five hour surgery was done in which his intestines were moved down. But his wounds could not be closed, because there wasn’t enough space in his abdominal cavity to hold his intestines. At great risk, the wound was kept open and finally closed a few days later. God protected the wound from any infection. More miracles followed in the next 48 hours. God’s mighty hands moved his heart and lungs to their proper positions. The lungs expanded fully, and the heart continued to function properly. The issue of excess bad blood circulating throughout the body was resolved. Nathan’s bilirubin count was dangerously high, but when I cried out before the Lord, within 24 hours, God brought it down. Nathan’s doctors were concerned that he wasn’t passing urine after the surgery. After 72 hours, prayers to God Almighty enabled urine and stool to pass without any problems. Yes, it was only through prayer at every step and the Lord’s healing that helped Nathan survive every crisis. The ventilator was removed, and Nathan was discharged.

Jebu and Reji had documented Nathan’s situation right from the 20th week, when the doctors had advised abortion. Jebu and Reji wanted his healing to be a living testimony to the world, well documented with case number and details of the medical team so that no traces of doubt remained. Nathan’s video testimony was put on YouTube, and hundreds of my spiritual friends contacted me. There were some who wept because of the agony we had to go through, and many praised the Lord for His mighty miracles. Many sent it to their families, friends, and all their connections so much that views for the video on YouTube rose to over 1500. Some even copied the video on a CD and passed it on to their brethren who have no access to the internet.

Yet, amidst this show of solidarity and support for the glory of my miracle-working God, I also heard very negative comments from people who claimed to be led by the Holy Spirit. There was a shepherd in my ministry who strictly told his sheep not to see or speak of this testimony at all. Incidentally, the Lord had used me numerous times to lay my hands and pray for him and his family lifting them up miraculously during many a crisis. The reactions and responses to Nathan’s testimony revealed to me the true nature of the Spirit that was guiding many of the leaders in my ministry. It exposed their shallow relationship with the Almighty God even more than their jealousy and hatred towards me.

May the Lord bless and guide the hundreds and hundreds of my brethren, known and unknown, who continue to glorify God by sharing this testimony. Praise the Lord!


18 thoughts on “All About Case no. 9015290

  1. Sheeba Zacharia

    Praise the Lord for the wonderful miracles and healing on little Nathan. God can hear, respond and act in time only to the cries of His most beloved ones. This proves your stand before God, Brother. Nathan’s testimony continues to give hope to ones in despair that God lives and acts even today. May God bless all of u and forgive the folly of the shepherd who is misleading his sheep.

  2. Rohini Philipose

    Praise the Almighty God for the wonderful healing He has given to Nathan!!!This shows how much God loves you,Brother, and how valuable your prayers are before Him.Even today, Brother’s prayers continues to heal many and brings them out of deadly situations!May God open the blind eyes of the shepherd who is misleading his sheep…

  3. Vinoy John

    Praise the Lord for the miraculous healing of baby Nathan. May the god be always with you and your family.

  4. Ellen Kulangara

    Praise the Lord for His mighty miracle with Nathan and how He has heard the cries of His Prophet!

  5. Jose Puthenparampil

    Praise God for all His wonders! God bless Nathan. We will be praying for him.

  6. Benny Abraham,[Kuwait]

    Praise the Lord for the wonderful healing given to Nathan.Let us glorify and proclaim His name to whole world.God is great and no need to be jealous on this as He is proving that our Brother is led by Holy Spirit and he is a Prophet of Almighty God.

  7. Robin Cherian Zacharia

    Praise the Lord who works ahead of medical science even today ….
    We are so blessed to have brother uncle as our prophet , who can move GOD to do mighty miracle even today …
    God bless Nathan with a healthy long life…

  8. Raina Jojy

    All Praise and Glory to our Almighty and wonder working Lord for the miraculose healing of little Nathan.This testimony is an eye opener to many who questions and doubts about the mighty gifts and graces given by God to Brother.This proves that God still listens and answers instantly to the prayer of our Prophet.

  9. adv.georgy cherian

    praise the is really a
    miracle from our god almighty.
    the negative attitude of the so called shepherd is best example of jealousy.
    god bless you.

  10. Reny James

    Praise the Almighty Lord for the wondeful miraculous healing given to Nathan. God bless Nathan.

  11. Neethu Ann Mathew

    Praise be to the Almighty Creator for this beautiful testimony. No words can suffice the beauty of His great works.

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