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Majority of the Christian Churches are celebrating Pentecost on Sunday , 23rd May . Most of these celebrations have become a continuation of tradition with the annual repetition of worship commemorating the day of Pentecost , when the Holy Ghost descended on the apostles for the first time as cloven tongues of fire. Though chants are sung, prayers said and celebrations held annually on the day of Pentecost, the modern Christian fails to experience this Power from on high. He is thus left behind in despair and dismay eroding his faith, persuading him to seek comfort in other religions. In their quest to acquire power on earth, the Churches at large have failed to acquire the ‘power from on high’. The flock are left behind without any experience of this ‘ power from on high’, which Jesus wanted His disciples to attain after His ascension.

Christmas, of which Jesus had neither taught nor instructed, is the epitome of celebrations in the Christian world while the Holy Spirit of whom He taught in detail is totally neglected. The two things He commanded His disciples to do when He was no more in the world, was to celebrate the Eucharist in memory of Him and to attain power by the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The first of these, the Eucharist is celebrated every week and the flock partake the body and blood of Christ. This is easily done and Christ is remembered with the rituals performed as often as possible. The second command to be put into action was that the disciples should be endued with’ POWER from on high’.

The whole situation becomes so complex and difficult only when one realizes the true meaning of what Jesus spoke. In Greek ‘endued’ means ‘ to be clothed with’ or ‘to be transfused with’, or ‘to be put on’; Power didn’t mean money power, membership power, numerical power of cathedrals , churches or clergy, but it meant miraculous power, or spiritual power; and ‘on high’ meant altitude, Sky, etc. This clearly shows that man cannot attain this power by some traditional ritual as it is not given by any human being but the Almighty God Himself. Jesus told His disciples before His ascension that they should wait in Jerusalem for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit in Greek is given as ‘Hagios’ meaning holy, and ‘Pneuma’ meaning ‘gentle breeze’ or ‘current of air’ etc. The most important aspect is that, like a wind or breeze, the Holy Spirit cannot be seen but experienced. This is achieved only when man repents of his sins , cleanses himself and then presents himself in holiness before the holy presence of God. This process cannot be completed by a mere public celebration or commemoration of that event and that is why the present day annual Pentecost worship and celebrations fail to bring down ‘ the power from on high’.

Do you want to be endued by this ‘ power from on high’? Hundreds have experienced this power in a mighty way in our just concluded 72 hour fasting prayer in New York. You too can! Surrender yourself before God, asking him to forgive your sins and wash you clean by the precious blood of His son Jesus Christ. Then beseech Him to grant you the Holy Spirit and He will. He will abide in you and guide you day by day.
This is my experience ! I pray it become Yours Too!!!

6 thoughts on “Power from on high

  1. Anil Antony

    The 72 hour fasting prayer in New York was truly a powerful and heavenly experience. Praise the Lord!

  2. Tiffany Punnose

    Praise God for the wonderful 72 hr Fast in NY. What a great blessing it was. It was truly a lifetime experience and wonderous anointing. Hallelujiah!

  3. Sajini Cherian

    Truly Uncle… i was thinking the same while I was @ church yday,abt the blessing of Holy Spirit…and how blessed I am, that i know wats the truth…and may I never fail Jesus or frail…is my only prayer…
    We can only pray for those who hav not experienced…n tell them our experiences.. 🙂 rest God will def act upon the desiring hearts 🙂

    Love n prayers,

  4. Robin Zacharia

    truely i believe in what Bro. Uncle has wriiten and i want this to happen to me as well . I want to recieve this “POWER FROM ON HIGH”.
    May god enable me to recieve this apower from the holy spirit.

    I also thank God fro this wonderful website that he has put on . Looking for more ….

  5. Betsy Louis

    How true!! If only the churches and their leaders would recognize the importance of this “power from on high”. Thank God for ministries like the IDCF and His prophets like Bro. Dr. Mathews Vergis through whom we can truly experience the awesome power of the Holy Spirit.

  6. Reena Saji

    “Power from on high” – what a great POWER. Thank you Brother for this wonderful blog. Pray many more will experience this AMAZING POWER in their walk with Christ. Praise God!!

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