Medias that makes a man God

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The media in their unending race to capture the attention of the human mind very often use superlative words, adjectives and descriptions without weighing the implications and influences that are brought about by such usages. Recently a legend in the field of sport, visited India and the newspapers were vying each other to report the event with the greatest importance. A leading Newspaper of India published the photograph of the celebrity on a full page with the Himalayan caption “GOD ARRIVES”.

God Arrives-2

The use of “GOD” by media to glorify people who have the greatest records in various activities of human life is becoming more frequent. The media very often forgets that the great majority in the world revere, respect and regard God as the Supreme Being, the creator and the ruler of the universe and source of all moral authority. There are many who consider God as a superhuman being worshipped as a deity having power over nature and human fortunes. Is it not foolish and absurd to compare this sanctified and sacred word “GOD” to glorify the two legged human beings whose sojourn on earth vanishes with their breath, with the Almighty GOD who is glorified, magnified, worshipped and referred on earth in different names as “YAHWEH”, “ BRAHMA”, “ALLAH”,“ZEUS”, “JUPITOR”, “AHURA MAZDA” or the “GREAT SPIRIT” ???

The consequences of such media gimmicks can be understood only when we realize the future of ignorant and innocent people who accept and begin to worship such Living Media Gods whose life is dependent on the tick of their hearts and that too in a country where people make temples for living actors and worship them. Let all those who love “GOD” always stand for God and strive to Sanctify and Glorify His Holy name irrespective of regions, religions and languages. Remember each reaction matters as even a single drop of water in a great ocean has its own identity.

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